COVID Store Visit Requirements

Store Visit Requirements
  • Because we are a small store we are only allowing a limited number of customers in at a time. So we do encourage online shopping and/or browsing to make your shopping time more efficient.
  • All customers must read the COVID Symptoms checker at the entrance and have a negative to all questions.
  • Face masks covering your nose, mouth and chin are mandatory at all times.
  • Hand sanitization is required upon entering and leaving.
  • There is a Red light /Green light at the front door. If it is green come on in, but if it is red step inside to let me know you are waiting. You can then either let me know if you would like wait outside or leave your phone number to wait in your car and I can call you when space is available.
  • There are 6’ markings on the floor throughout the store to visually assist in distancing. Please follow arrows when there is more than one customer is the store.