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Hemline Advent Calendar
Hemline Advent Calendar
Hemline Advent Calendar
Hemline Advent Calendar

Hemline Advent Calendar

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There is no better way to celebrate each day of December than with this fabulously fun and festive Hemline Christmas Advent Calendar! Decorated to look like a whimsical sewing grotto, this calendar contains 24 sewing and crafting must-haves that are sure to become your new favourite notions! From cute daisy-shaped threaders to a seam gauge and pom-pom maker, there are so many great little gifts inside! Make each day of the holiday season a little more magical. It's a great value and is the gift that just keeps on giving!


1. 14.5cm/5.5” Scissors (1pc)
2. 12cm/4.75” Thread Snips (1pc)
3. 140cm/55” Retractable Tape Measure (1pc)
4. 150cm/60” Hemline Gold Tape Measure (1pc)
5. Seam Ripper (1pc)
6. Glass Head Pins 34mm (20pcs)
7. Assorted Hand Needles (30pcs)
8. Travel kit with threaded needles (1pc)
9. Hemline Gold Needle Threaders (2pcs)
10. Metal thimble (1pc)
11. Tomato Pincushion (1pc)
12. Horseshoe Magnet (1pc)
13. Measuring Gauge (1pc)
14. Metal Bobbins (3pcs)
15. 300m Black Polyester Thread (1pc)
16. 300m White Polyester Thread (1pc)
17. 300m Cream Polyester Thread (1pc)
18. 100m Gold Metallic Thread (1pc)
19. 100m Silver Metallic Thread (1pc)
20. Brass kilt pin (1pc)
21. Fabric Clips (4pcs)
22. Knitting Thimble (1pc)
23. Yarn & Wool Needles (2pcs)
24. Pom Pom Maker (1pc)

Size: 36cm x 29cm x 5.5cm plastic free packaging

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