About Us

Paisleys has been an online store since fall 2018 and is now a Brick & Mortar!

Hi. I am Madonna Oliver the store owner. I am excited to bring new fabric lines and old ideas to the Ottawa Valley. My mission is to bring back Traditional. There is nothing more fun than to create updated looks. But why not with clean cut sharp rich tones? I'm not talking retro. I'm talking classic.

I currently specialize in William Morris prints and Quilters Gifts. I also have a nice selection of Notions, Solids and am bringing in Civil War. Traditional and full collections will be top of my list. As my business progresses I will bring in more Morris, civil war and eventually French general. And check out my “Candy Aisle”....eye candy that is!

And, oooooo, ‘Medallions and Scrolls and Paisleys, oh my!

Paisley's is located at 112 John Cavanaugh Drive, Ottawa, Ontario. Just 5 minutes off the 417 Carp exit towards Carp facing Carp Road. Please feel free to contact me.