Our Meterage

Online meterage is purchased by the half meter. For example: if you would like 4 meters, please order 8 half meters.

Our meters are cut at 40”(101.5 cm) x the width of the fabric. It just makes it easier to figure out patterns that use yards! Therefore:                                             A Fat Quarter is 20” x half width              A Fat Eighth is 10” x half width

A Meter Pre-cut is already cut. Please note that if you order, for example, two it will come as two separate pieces.

A Layer Cake is approximately 40 pieces of 10” x 10”. 

A Charm Pack is approximately 40 pieces of 5” x 5”.

A Jelly Roll is approximately 40    pieces of 2 1/2” x width of fabric. 

Prices will vary between the packs depending on the amount of pieces. Please check the details for each pack. 

For custom cuts please contact seller at info@paisleysquiltshop.com or phone (613)203-9011.