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ByAnnie - 12 Zipper Slides - Neutrals

ByAnnie - 12 Zipper Slides - Neutrals

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Perfect for use with all fabrics, this set includes colors that work well together. They'd also provide great neutral background for any of your projects. Adding a zipper pull to leftover zipper tape gives you a new zipper out of supposed waste. You can also create a double-slide zipper from a single-slide zipper.

The colors included are

  • Ivory

  • Gunmetal

  • Slate Gray

  • Natural

  • Seal Brown

  • Sable

  • Taupe

  • Khaki

  • Gold

  • Hemlock

  • Union Blue

  • Redwood

It is actually easier to use zippers longer than needed as you can avoid the stops at each end, thus leaving you with remaining zipper tape. You can now use these extra pulls with the extra zipper tape! 

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