ByAnnie Hardware - 1” Strap Adjusts - Black

ByAnnie Hardware - 1” Strap Adjusts - Black

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Strap adjusters allow you to adjust the length of a strap to fit the person carrying the purse or bag. They are particularly useful for backpacks and slings, when you need to regularly and quickly adjust the strap to remove the bag from your back or tighten the load.
In this package you get two sliders.
ByAnnies plastic hardware is durable and solid, yet lightweight. It is great for functional projects that will get regular use.
Every 1-inch hardware piece has a 1-inch opening for attaching strapping. It is recommended to cover the strapping with a coordinating fabric in order to make a truly custom look for your project. All relevant patterns include instructions for how to do this and use your fabric efficiently.

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