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Wash-Away Applique Sheets
C&T Publishing

Wash-Away Applique Sheets

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Use these unique, fusible Wash-Away Applique Sheets to streamline hand and machine appliqué techniques!

  • Transparent enough to trace your applique designs.
  • Use with your ink-jet printer for applique templates or foundation piecing patterns.
  • Fuse the paper to your appliqué fabric, sew on the motif, then just wash away the paper after stitching or simply leave it in... it will soften over time!
  • Paper piecing: You can fuse the first piece on, no ripping paper off, no risk of damaging your stitches.
  • A crisp clean edge for applique stitching.
  • Appliqués are soft and flexible without the need to cut your quilt or remove freezer paper!
  • Leave the paper inside, it will dissolve away in 1 to 2 washings.

15 sheets - 8.5" x 11"

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